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Natural Books & Healing Guides, Progam and Supportive
by Keri Brown, ND


booksThe Following Books by Dr. Keri Brown can be found at:


                  Natural Healing Kits

These natural first aid books and guides can help you take control for your own health care wherever you go. So please, consider taking one with you so you can act appropriately in times of need. We do not think you will not regret it.



Natural First Aid Care for Accidents & Injuries by Keri Brown, ND

This book covers 13 natural remedies that will help you treat a wide variety of minor and major accidents and injuries. It helps put using certain homeopathic and herbal remedies prospective for immediate use.


 Natural First Aid Care Pocket Carrying Guide  by Keri Brown, ND

This little guide book is small enough to carry in your hand bag, bike bag or car glove box yet provides enough information on how to use 7 natural remedies to address most every day accidents and injuries. Carrying this kit close by helps you at all times.


Natural First Aid Care for Snake, Insect & Animal Bites Guide by Keri Brown, ND

Learn to help deal with the symptoms from a wide variety of venomous snake, insect and animal bites. Find remedies relating to bee stings, tick bites, rattlesnake bites and other vip pipers and black widow bites. Created to help both people and animals.


Animal Natural First Aid Care – Accidents & Injuries Care by Keri Brown, ND

Natural First Aid Care for Animals and Pets (dogs, cats, horses, and more) helps you learn to heal and treat both present and past illnesses and traumas for all animals. This book provides the safe and effective care they so deserve.


Natural Healing and First Aid Kits

Dr. Brown has four kits that can support you in most situations you might find yourself in.

The Following Kits by Dr. Keri Brown can be found at:

Natural Healing Kits

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